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    £92k for Milton Village Hall

    Project to build new front hall and cafe given the go-ahead

    As part of your local Lib Dem team, I am delighted to announce that early March 2012 will see building start on the new front hall and cafe, at Milton Village Hall, after the project got its final go-ahead.

    As you may know, the new rear extension was completed in November and has already made the centre more viable. The second new hall will be constructed on the vacant space in front of the main entrance increasing it’s visibility and doubling the building’s capacity.

    This has only been possible because the Lib Dem-run City Council, including my colleague Gerald Vernon-Jackson,  have worked hard with the centre and other partners to deliver this much-needed project. Langstone Church are contributing £20,000, Veolia £55,000 and the City Council £17,000, making a total of £92,000. This is a great example of how the City Council can work with others on projects – securing £4 extra for every £1 put in by local taxpayers.

    It’s enhancement with a new community cafe will serve Milton residents and nearby neighbourhoods and saves council taxpayers money too.

    Milton Village Hall is important in our local community; it’s size has been doubled, meaning the centre can do so much more. It’s really good news for local residents and shows what can be done – even in the current difficult financial circumstances.