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    £6.5 million extra for local schools

    Next year schools across Portsmouth will receive £6.5 million thanks to the Pupil Premium introduced by Lib Dems in Government.

    As a Lib Dem I have campaigned for many years for extra funds to help the pupils who need it most, so am delighted that local schools in our area will benefit so much. It will make a huge difference.

    Until now, schools in more deprived areas of places like Portsmouth, have been expected to deliver the same results despite starting at a disadvantage. This changes everything, now money will be focused on the pupils that need it the most.The purpose of this Pupil Premium is to help pupils from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, and close the shameful gap in life chances which grew over the term of the last Labour Government.

    Head teachers will be free to use this money how they want to make the biggest difference. Schools that face the biggest challenges could use the money to make a difference with more one-to-one tuition, a longer school day, holiday classes, or even paying more to attract the best teachers.

    I really hope that schools make the most of this money. They mustn’t use it to avoid making the efficiency savings they need to, but must use it to do more for those who need the help most.

    You can see below how much local schools in our area will receive in 2013/14:

    Primary / Infant / Junior Schools
    Meon Infant School – £17,100
    Meon Junior School – £67,500
    Cumberland Infant School – £42,300
    Milton Park Infant School – £63,900
    Milton Park Fed. Primary School – £93,600
    Wimborne Infant School – £35,100
    Wimborne Junior School – £72,000
    Moorings Way Infant School – £22,500

    Local Secondary Schools
    Miltoncross School – £286,200
    Priory School – £418,500

    *Estimates based upon 2011-12 pupil figures

  • Record GCSE results for Miltoncross

    Huge improvements in GCSE results

    Record GCSE results for MiltoncrossIt was great news for local families as both Miltoncross and Priory Schools have reported a massive increase in GCSE success this year.

    Miltoncross School (now Miltoncross Academy) saw an impressive increase from 32% to 54% of pupils leaving this year with 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths at Grade C or above.

    This is an increase of 22% on last year.

    Priory School had similar success with an increase from 37.5% to 51%, an increase of 13.5%.

    I’m really pleased to see this, well done to all of the pupils and teachers who worked so hard to deliver these excellent results. Gaining 5 GCSEs is an important marker as it sets young people up for future life – giving them a better chance of carrying on to college or university and of getting a decent job. More and more local pupils are now leaving with decent results.

  • Labour scaremongering about schools!

    My mother is a teacher, I actually had the (sometimes dubious) ‘privilege’ of having her as the headmistress of my school, so believe me when I say that I completely understand the importance of a child’s environment in their education!

    You cannot seriously expect children to perform well in a school that isn’t fit for purpose, so we cannot afford not to invest in our schools!

    So, as you might expect I was delighted that this year, even when difficult decisions are having to be made, we will be investing £2.5 million in repairs and modernisation of schools here in Portsmouth

    So why, in today’s edition of The News are Labour telling people that “Schools budgets for maintenance ‘to be slashed’” by 80%?

    This isn’t just misleading, it’s an outright lie! Just take a look at this document on the Portsmouth City Council Website which gives details of Portsmouth’s spending on ‘Schools Modernisation’ for 2011/12.

    What is staggering is that the example used by Labour is King Richard Secondary here in Paulsgrove, which they highlight as needing up to £200,000 a year. If you look at the list you will see that King Richard Secondary has been allocated £200,000 as requested. On top of this, Paulsgrove Primary School is to get £60,000 for major roof repairs.

    As if this wasn’t enough, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, the Lib Dem Leader of the City Council has been meeting with Lord Hill (the government minister in charge of central funding for rebuilding schools) to ask for a further
    £80 million
    to invest in the modernisation of schools in Portsmouth and the council has pledged to match this with £30 million of it’s own money to provide a total pot of £111 million for local schools.

    Why then are Labour lying and scaremongering about cuts?

    It is their fault that we are even in this mess! Did you know that we pay more than £120 million per day just in interest on the huge national debt that the last Labour Government racked up. That is money that we could have spent on rebuilding schools here in Paulsgrove!