• Fencing & hospital finances!

    Apologies for the slight delay in writing this up, but I have been away in Paris participating and refereeing in a fencing competition.

    Hard as it may be to believe, I do have quite an active life outside of politics and campaigning on local issues! I have actually been fencing since I was 11 years old and I used to captain the team while I was at University. I try to find the time to regularly go back and coach there and occasionally at other local clubs. I benefitted, when I was younger, from many great people volunteering their time to help teach me, so it is only right that I take time out to help pass that on!

    190369_686570722472_286106542_9561108_981630_nOn a slightly more serious note, a few of you may have seen me on South Today last week during the piece on finances at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham.

    I have been highlighting the financial difficulties of the Hospital Trust for some time and I am delighted that this is an issue that is now being taken up with the Health Secretary by the local MP.

    Last year the Hospital Trust finished the financial year with a £14.9m deficit and this year they will be dependent on a huge cash injection of £6m from local health partners to avoid ending another financial year with a massive deficit.