• Eastney Road

    Improvements to Eastney Road

    Over the last year the City Council has been working hard to get more people through the Velder Avenue junction and to free up the Eastern Road.

    The traffic lights at Kirpal Road on the Eastern Road, that held up traffic coming into the city have been removed.

    At the Velder Avenue and Milton Road junction some traffic movements have been removed so that there is more time for people travelling in the busiest directions to get through the lights. This has helped to reduce queues at the lights and helps discourage people from being tempted to ‘rat run’ through the side streets.

    Now that the queues coming into the city are lower, the City Council will now look carefully at whether we actually need to spend the £500,000 on making the road 2 lanes in both direction.

    With such pressure on budgets we need to prioritise spending on the real local needs!