• Listening to you…


    Over the last few months I have been out with my Lib Dem colleagues; Gerald Vernon-Jackson and Caroline Scott, around Milton & Eastney, talking to local residents and finding out what issues matter to you.

    We have spoken to hundreds of local residents and sent a survey to every home in the area.

    We will be calling on many more homes over the coming months, so don’t worry if we haven’t got to you yet!

    Thank you to everyone who responded. We have received a wonderful response ‘on the doorstep’ and it is really encouraging to hear the support for so much of the work we do.

    Over 88% of you support the new Southsea Library. Surprisingly, the local Conservatives opposed the library!

    A huge number of you said that you had already visited the library and we will be looking closely at the suggestions for further improvements.

    There was also a lot of support for the Lib Dem’s new Pupil Premium, which will bring millions of pounds of extra funding to local schools ; over 86% of residents in Milton & Eastney supported this.

    Perhaps most encouragingly, a significant majority of local residents felt that the city had improved over the last five years, with Lib Dem leadership.

    “Thank you for getting the new zebra crossing on Locksway Road.”Resident, Shelford Road