• Minutes save lives

    A little while ago I blogged about emergency helicopter landings at Queen Alexandra Hospital. Now Portsmouth Hospitals Trust has applied to Portsmouth City Council to remove the restriction on night landings at the hospital.

    Image courtesy of John Ambler

    At the risk of repeating what I said before, I cannot stress how important it is that this ridiculous restriction is removed. We would never dream of saying that standard ambulances could not arrive at the hospital after 6pm or that they were banned from using their lights or sirens.

    Dr Richard Jones, a consultant cardiologist and Chief of Medicine at Queen Alexandra Hospital summed up the case perfectly in The News a couple of weeks ago, he said: ‘Helicopters are mainly used by heart attack patients. When someone’s having a heart attack time is critical so it’s important they get here quickly and sometimes that means needing a helicopter. Changing the restrictions on landings could save lives.’

    I urge everyone to go on to the Portsmouth City Council website and make a comment supporting the application by clicking here.

    If you want to stay up-to-date with the excellent campaign set up by Richard Inskip to support night landings at QA you can join the Facebook group here.