• The value of peoples’ lives!

    g5wardLast night, I met with representatives of Portsmouth Hospital Trust to discuss the closure of the G5 ward, the lack of public consultation and the independent review currently taking place.

    I asked for this meeting last month and I am extremely grateful that the Hospital Trust agreed to it. While we were obviously never going to leave the meeting completely agreeing with each other, it is important that there is a real discussion between campaigners and the Hospital about the issues.

    I have asked the hospital for a copy of the presentation made to me last night on the changes to end-of-life care so that I can make the information public, but I did have a few concerns about the figures I was given.

    The hospital has finally admitted that finance was a consideration in the closure of the G5 ward and that they were looking to reduce the number of beds at the hospital as a whole. This is a major issue as the financial implications of closing the ward were not even a part of the extremely limited public consultation that they did conduct at the figures presented last night were only made public this week as a result of my request.

    Shockingly the financial saving from closing the G5 Ward only appears to be in the region of £29,000 per year.

    This is because caring for patients on general wards costs £250 per bed per day compared to £300 per bed per day for care provided on the G5 ward before it was closed.

    To compromise on the level of care for elderly patients reaching the end of their lives for the sake of £29,000 seems to be a chilling message from Portsmouth Hospitals Trust about the value of people’s lives!