• Locksway Road

    Traffic Survey shows risks of overdevelopment in Milton

    Back in the Autumn, volunteers from all over Milton took part in a traffic-survey around the area and last night the Transport Consultant employed by Portsmouth City Council presented the results of the survey to the public meeting of Milton Neighbourhood Forum.

    The survey took place on two Wednesdays in the autumn at rush hours and the evidence has now been examined and verified by the City Council’s consultant.

    As many of us suspected, the evidence collected has shown that a development of the scale proposed by the NHS for the St James’s Hospital site would clog up two vital traffic junctions. It showed that the junctions at Locksway Road/Milton Road and at Eastern Road/Moorings Way/Velder Avenue would both be over capacity if the development goes ahead as the NHS want it to.

    This evidence is good news for our area, it means the City Council has valid reasons to say no to the size of development the NHS want.

    I really hope that the City Council will stand firm and use this evidence to scale back the size of development proposed, so that local roads can cope.

    Many thanks to all the volunteers who braved the cold and wet to gather this evidence!

    You can help us to oppose the over-development of St James’s by signing the petition to Keep Milton Green.