• Why I’m still a Lib Dem!

    That may seem a slightly odd title considering where this post is, but I feel that after today I have to explain.

    I have campaigned against university tuition fees since I was 15 years old and I still will. I wholeheartedly believe that education is a right not a privilege and no one should be scared away from going to University just because of their financial and social background.


    I am aware of the arguments put forward by the Government, that repayments are based upon ability to pay and I agree that their proposals are fairer than the current system. That is not, however, a good enough reason to vote for them.


    We should be driving for a fairer more progressive system which doesn’t burden students with tens of thousands of pounds of debt (notional or otherwise)!

    So, back to the question. Why am I still a Liberal Democrat?

    Because I oppose tuition fees – It is still party policy to abolish them and 21 of our MPs remembered that today. Labour introduced tuition fees and top-up fees while the Conservatives want no cap on fees at all!

    Because I believe in civil liberties – Only the Lib Dems consistently opposed (then scrapped) ID cards, opposed detention without trial and fought for human rights. Labour eroded our civil liberties for 10 years, locking people up without trial, condoning torture and removing the right to protest. Meanwhile the Conservatives would tear up the Human Rights Act.

    Because I believe in social justice – Lib Dems in government mean that millions of the poorest people will get a ‘tax cut’ next year as personal allowances are increased and millions will pay no tax at all. Schools will get millions of pounds of extra funding to help the poorest pupils. All because we have the courage to drive down tax avoidance and invest the money where it will make a real difference.

    And most importantly, because we do what we promise.

    That is why I am proud that today Mike Hancock voted against the increase in tuition fees. Meanwhile the Conservative MP for Portsmouth North, Penny Mordaunt, voted to burden future generations of students with ever increasing mountains of debt!